Diko Boma

When the Going Gets Tough

It’s an understatement to say the going is tough in South Sudan and Sudan. Over a million South Sudanese are displaced by internal tribal/political violence. In Sudan the Bashir regime continues to oppress the people of Darfur, the Nuba Mountains and elsewhere. Recently South Sudan was listed as the #1 “Most Fragile” country in the world. The “Most Corrupt” list has Sudan at #3 and South Sudan at #5. When governments fail, the tough […]

Building a Classroom in Diko Boma

Building a Classroom in Diko Boma Sudan Sunrise is starting Phase 2 of education in Diko Boma-building an official classroom to support education that is currently taking place under the shade of trees. Joseph Elionai and Repent Daya are heading the effort to raise money for the necessary supplies. Please visit the Diko Boma fundraising website to see videos by Joseph Elionai and Sudan/South Sudan expert Richard Parkins explaining the project. Click GIVE to […]