Sudan Unlimited

Sudan Sunrise is excited to announce that we have become fiscal partner to Sudan Unlimited, an organization committed to peace and prosperity in Sudan and South Sudan.

“Sudan Unlimited supports Sudanese and South Sudanese who are working tirelessly to secure freedom, justice, peace and prosperity for Sudan and South Sudan.  At Sudan Unlimited, we seek to amplify these voices, to further their causes and to support visionaries who seek to create a better narrative for their countries by raising awareness, providing organizational support for campaigns, conferences and other events, and by helping to develop  a variety of initiatives.  Sudan Unlimited’s Education, Aid and Leadership Fund provides resources and opportunities for South Sudanese who are or have been impacted by violence and who are committed to participating in the long process of securing peace and prosperity for South Sudan.”

Founder and Director of Sudan Unlimited, Esther Sprague

End of 2017 Update:

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you for your kind support at year-end!  In December, $6,810 was raised to support South Sudanese and Sudanese in their efforts to end conflict and build peace.

In addition to our monthly stipends for Mamer and others, we were able to:

– Pay school fees for Mamer’s children.

– Fund Yien’s tuition and housing for another semester.  He is studying to be a teacher.

– Purchase and send a projector to Yien for his class on Instructional Technology.

– Purchase and send 6 books on international relations, diplomacy and international political economy to Mubarak for his college courses.

– Send Omer to the African Union Summit to work with the Horn of Africa Arms Control Network and other African civil society organizations to influence the outcome of the Summit.

Also in December, Sudan Unlimited organized a sign-on letter to leaders of Congress that included an extensive list of current crimes committed by the Sudan regime and a separate letter to Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan outlining the basic requirements the Sudan regime must meet with regard to the delivery of humanitarian aid for Sudanese who are suffering due to state-sponsored violence, disease and malnutrition.  Over 100 scholars, human rights organizations and leading activists, including Mia Farrow, signed the letter.  I will travel to Washington, DC in February and follow-up on these letters with Members of Congress and the Administration.

Thank you for your kind support!  And special thanks to Nathan Stanley, this month, for helping us design a logo for the Coalition of Advocates for South Sudan!!

Best regards,



More information about Sudan Unlimited and their projects can be found here.