Your Donation


What your gift can accomplish:

Sometimes we wonder, “what good can my gift do, when the needs are so great?”

Your gift can make a real difference in the lives of others.  For example:


  • $50 feeds lunch to 1,200 children per day at the Manute Bol Primary School in Turalei, South Sudan.  For many children this may be their only meal.  The food is provided by the World Food Program, but your gift employs the cooks and the guard for the food storage.


  • $100 repairs the doors for a primary school classroom.  


  • $150 provides a bench for one of the classrooms so the children do not have to carry their chair from home.


  • $200 will buy 20 kilos of moringa seeds which will be planted in the Nuba Mountians, Sudan.


  • $500 provides a full year of tuition for a nurse or auto mechanic student at Kush State University in Kauda, Sudan.


  • $1,000 feeds a filling and nutritious lunch to the 1,200 students for one month at the Manute Bol Primary School in Turalei, South Sudan.


  • $1,500 operates the Future Generation Primary School in Rumbek, South Sudan for one month, paying teachers and feeding lunch to the 700 girls and boys.


  • $10,000 would provide additional solar power to Kush State University. In 2018 two doctors in the Washington, DC, area provided solar power equipment to KSU and paid for the installation.  This installation has been such a help to KSU that they would like to add a similar installation to another building.


  • $12,000 provides basic internet equipment for the students at Kush State University and 12 months of connection fees.


Sudan Sunrise highly values using your gift according to your intentions.  The list above gives you a general idea of what can be accomplished, which is a great deal!  Please look over our projects page, and select how you would like your gift to be designated.  If you select a particular project (e.g. the Future Generation Primary School) and are particularly interested in a specific need, please get in touch with the home staff ([email protected]) or the project leaders so we can together identify the most appropriate application of your gift.  


In order to keep administration costs down, Sudan Sunrise does not offer a sponsorship program to sponsor particular students or teachers.


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