Rumbek Projects

Pastor Paul Nak The project director, is an old friend of Sudan Sunrise.  Pastor Paul (when an Episcopal/Anglican priest) was the senior pastor for the Sudanese Community Church in Kansas City for many years, and served as the Executive Director of the Sudan Council of Churches USA.  Pastor Paul was a key leader in 2004-2005 when we facilitated three relief efforts of South Sudanese who took relief to Darfurian refugees in Chad.  Pastor Paul now lives in Rumbek, South Sudan, where he is an overseer in the Presbyterian Church in South Sudan.  He is no longer associated with the Future Generation School in Rumbek.  Most recently Paul helped get seeds to a woman in Rumbek who had suddenly lost her son to an illness, and from the medical expenses had nothing left to plant before rainy season.




If you are interested in learning more, contact [email protected]