Hope for South Sudanese Refugees in Uganda

  “In a statement, UNHCR, notes that an average of more than 1,800 South Sudanese refugees a day have fled to Uganda in the past year. The influx has become the fastest growing refugee crisis in the world.”     As the refugee crisis in Uganda worsens, Daniel Deng Kuot, a pastor from the Episcopal Church of South Sudan, continues his mission to bring hope and encouragement to South Sudanese refugees in Uganda. He ministers […]

Donors Save Lives!

-Rumbek, South Sudan Recently, we got word though Paul Awan that the children at the Future Generation Primary School in Rumbek were at risk for famine. For the past six weeks, we have been able to provide the funding to implement a free lunch program for the hungry children. This was only possible because of generous donors!  Thank you! When you give, you are giving more than just physical sustenance, but also hope to children who […]

Welcome Hanna!

After spending a few months on the staff of Sudan Sunrise, we are sad to see Lenzi go, but excited for her new adventure with her family as they move to Colorado! Lenzi has been a great addition to our team and helped us to get on track with goals for the future.     We are excited to welcome Hanna Chang onto our team! As new acting Director of Advancement, Hanna Chang has […]

Wonderful News in Rumbek!

Wonderful news! Success in our efforts to get food to the students at the Future Generation School in Rumbek! Thank you donors, and Abukloi for helping get the funds to Rumbek. This picture was taken this week of the students now receiving a free school lunch. They had been on the edge of famine, and this simple lunch is helping to save lives! Thank you for all you do and for your support!  

We Who Remain

This video provides great insight to what is going on in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan by highlighting the importance of education and awareness throughout this region. We are honored to be the U.S. partner for Kush State University.  We would love for you to join this cause and get involved with the work being done there.

Welcome, Lenzi!

After spending a year and a half on the staff of Sudan Sunrise, we are saddened to see Alexa go, but thrilled for her new job opportunity focusing on women’s issues and gender inclusivity programs in the Middle East. Alexa has been an integral part of our work, and had the opportunity to be a part of a reconciliation initiative in South Sudan in March 2016.   We are thrilled to welcome Lenzi DeMello […]

Manute Bol Primary School, Kush State University Updates

Thanks to your support, this past month we were able to wire $2,500 to the Manute Bol Primary School in Turalei, South Sudan and $5,000 to Kush State University in Kauda, Sudan. The Manute Bol Primary School currently has over 1,000 primary school students, while Kush State University has a little over 200 students, with still over 1,000 applicants hoping to begin higher education. Without your ongoing support, our projects would not be possible!