Be A Famine Fighter!

“Ongoing violence has prevented many of the country’s farmers from tending their fields this harvest season, causing food stocks to plummet and prices to rise. As a result, the coming hunger season—the period between harvests when vulnerable households run out of food—is projected to start even earlier than usual this year.” -World Food Program, USA

The harsh reality of conflict is that its consequences are deadly and causes much suffering.  For the past few years, Sudan Sunrise has been doing all it can to provide basic necessities like food and clean water to many communities in South Sudan.

Last year, Sudan Sunrise helped 1,608 endure the harsh hunger season by providing meals at our supported schools.  Through education and humanitarian aid, we want to give hope to a generation who has endured so much suffering for most of their lives.

YOU can be a part of reconciliation and life saving aid when you give to Sudan Sunrise!

Please take the time to consider giving (click on “donation” of our web page to give!)

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to our fearless donors who are our famine fighters!


In the photo: Girls during WFP food and nutrition distribution in Farajallah
Photo: WFP/Lara Atanasijevic