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Reconciliation- Education- Community Building

Today is the most heartbreaking time for South Sudan in our ten year history.  The political and tribal violence that erupted in South Sudan last December has taken the lives of 10,000 people, most innocent non-combatants. A million people have fled their homes, and half a million people are at risk of famine. Please join us in strategic responses in the midst of the crisis as we strive to build communities through education and reconciliation in South Sudan.

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Sudan Sunrise supports reconciliation, education, and community building in Sudan and South Sudan. As little as 8 cents can provide a healthy school lunch for a student in South Sudan. A donation of $68 will pay a teacher's salary for one month. Donations in any amount make a big difference. 
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I have always believed that the definition of a successful life must include serving others. By that measure, Manute Bol's was extraordinarily successful. Manute was a great athlete and humanitarian: a man of generosity and of grace. I want to thank [Sudan Sunrise] for continuing his noble cause--building 41 schools for children in Manute's war-torn Sudan. Good luck-- and Godspeed.

    -President George H.W. Bush

Manute Bol accomplished so much in his extraordinary life. But he left a huge unfinished task with his dream of building schools throughout South Sudan that would welcome children irrespective of tribe or religion. I have personally been involved in helping Sudan Sunrise realize Manute's bold dream, and I invite you to join the growing circle of those who are helping make his dream a reality.

    -George Stephanopoulas

     Chief Political Correspondent 

     ABC News