Sudan Unlimited

Sudan Sunrise is excited to announce that we have become fiscal partner to Sudan Unlimited, an organization committed to peace and prosperity in Sudan and South Sudan.

“Sudan Unlimited supports Sudanese and South Sudanese who are working tirelessly to secure freedom, justice, peace and prosperity for Sudan and South Sudan.  At Sudan Unlimited, we seek to amplify these voices, to further their causes and to support visionaries who seek to create a better narrative for their countries by raising awareness, providing organizational support for campaigns, conferences and other events, and by helping to develop  a variety of initiatives.  Sudan Unlimited’s Education, Aid and Leadership Fund provides resources and opportunities for South Sudanese who are or have been impacted by violence and who are committed to participating in the long process of securing peace and prosperity for South Sudan.”

Founder and Director of Sudan Unlimited, Esther Sprague


More information about Sudan Unlimited and their projects can be found here.