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JUNE 2021 Update:   As of April 2021 Kush State University has closed and Sudan Sunrise has stopped accepting donations for this project.  


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AUGUST 2019 Update:  KSU students have a commitment to health!  Last week we shipped over one million Moringa seeds to the Nuba Mountains.  The first stage of this initiative to end malnutrition is underway.  Just by adding Moringa leaves to their existing diet the orange hair of malnutrition and all the damage it indicates can be stopped in its tracks. 

The leaves from these fast-growing and drought-resistant trees can be harvested in as little as 60 to 90 days and the tree will live as long as 25 years.  With these amazing trees the mental and physical cost of childhood malnutrition can become a thing of the past! 


JANUARY 2019 UPDATE:  Where to start?  2018 brought many changes to Kush State!

30 acres were given to Kush State by the regional government to help further their growth.

Thanks to two very generous donors we were able to bring solar power to the university in December.  We hope to expand on this by bringing power to the dining hall and the computer lab in the future.

Kush State now proudly offers a mechanics program.  Thus far they have 75 students enrolled and 172 registered for the upcoming semester.

The nursing program is still going strong with 198 students currently enrolled.


JANUARY 2018 UPDATE: 201 students are enrolled and studying nursing: men and women, of various faith and ethnic backgrounds, united in their determined effort to build a better future!

While elementary and secondary education are crucial to the children of Sudan and their development, post-secondary education is just as important, for it is the university students of today that will be teaching the generation of tomorrow.

Kauda, in the Nuba Mountains, is one of the most remote areas in the world having little to no access to basic services such as running water, accessible roads, and higher education. Kush State University (KSU) vision is to create a self-sustaining university which would empower students from all ethnicities and backgrounds to thrive. KSU will offer programs to students not only from South Kordofan, but the neighboring areas of the Blue Nile and Darfur. KSU already has many different programs in which students can obtain degrees including, but not limited to: Business, Medicine and Health Science, Agriculture, Education, and Political Science.

The mission of KSU is to foster an environment in which students from different religious, tribal and ethnic backgrounds can come together and learn peacefully. Additionally, the school also hopes to equip students with necessary tools to engage in and better their local economies upon graduation.

We are excited to be a part of this endeavor and are looking forward to what we anticipate will be very successful outcomes for these students.

If you are interested in becoming a part of this opportunity to provide higher education in the Nuba Mountains, please contact us today!

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Press release:

New University Brings Hope to War Zone in Nuba Mountains, Sudan

KAUDA, NUBA MOUNTAINS, SUDAN: Dec 27, 2016 – As students listen attentively to a lecture describing strategies for reforestation others are outside listening for approaching Antonov bombers, fearful that aerial bombing could resume in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains.  The classroom can be evacuated in a quick scramble, as students and faculty take cover from the risk of barrel bombs.

This fledgling school of 1,100 students, called Kush State University, is located in Kauda, one of the strongholds of Sudan’s rebels, who claim control of 80% of the Nuba Mountains. The school envisions itself as an antidote to the Arabizing and Islamizing tactics of Omar al-Bashir, the who has ruled Sudan since 1989, the only head of state in the world under indictment by the International Criminal Court.

The current needs include compensation for professors, curricula, laptops, and satellite internet connections and air time. Sudan Sunrise, the US-based non-profit known for their work with the late NBA legend, Manute Bol, is KSU’s US partner and can provide speakers, further information, and channel gifts.

Khalid Abbas, one of the founders, describes KSU as a secular university for men and women, and students of all tribal and religious backgrounds.  A particular aim of KSU is to provide university education to the underserved marginalized black African populations from Darfur, the Nuba Mountains, and the Blue Nile, who fall outside of Bashir’s utopian dream of imposed unity, due to their darker skin or non-Muslim faith.

“We believe our diversity is our strength, and by working together we will unlock the door to a better future”, says Khalid.

The need for KSU is the result of the emphasis on education by Nuban leaders, who first began providing primary schools, then secondary, and now see KSU as the means to provide university education for more than 3,000 students who have completed secondary school.

While all Nubans have suffered under the bombing and ground attacks, Christians have been especially singled out.  Sudan’s Armed Forces have leveled schools and burned a number of churches in the region.  Without Khartoum’s interference, Nubans are known for religious harmony.  KSU is determined to maintain and expand that religious harmony, by fostering cooperation among Muslims and Christians, standing for religious freedom and growing mutual respect through education.

“We can’t build until we have a peace agreement because Khartoum will simply destroy it,” says Khalid.  “But we can teach.  My dream is that KSU can show not only the marginalized but all of Sudan, what we can accomplish if we work together in peace and mutual respect.”


How Sulafa Ali Kafi Got the Power to Heal!


Nursing Student at Kush State Fighting Malnutrition

The twins were showing signs of malnutrition, which was successfully treated by teaching Zara to add Moringa leaves to her diet.


Student at Kush State University

Lauza Omar Kodi, a student at Kush State University, describes the importance of access to university education for the marginalized students in the Nuba Mountains, Blue Nile and Darfur regions of Sudan, and the challenge of being in a conflict zone. This video was filmed by (Anglican) Bishop Andudu Adam


Message from Students at Kush State University

Students at fledgling Kush State University invite partners to help women and men, Muslims, Christians and all faiths improve KSU’s work in empowering the next generation among marginalized young Sudanese.


Dr. Tom Catena on Kush State University

Dr. Tom Catena speaking on Opening Day 2017 of Kush State University in Kauda, Nuba Mountains, Sudan. Dr. Tom is the subject of the recently released documentary film, “The Heart of Nuba”