Diko Boma Relief



Diko Boma has been flooded with refugees seeking asylum, due to the continued and increasing conflict in Greater Mundri. Getting aid to the citizens of Diko Boma has become increasingly difficult due to ongoing violence. Sudan Sunrise was recently able to transfer the funds of $2000 to local leaders in order to best deliver immediate needs and provide aid to the community. We are hoping the situation changes or that we will be provided more avenues in order to reach those in Diko Boma.



Diko Boma is located in Mundri West county in Western Equatoria. The people of Diko are the Moruandri clan, and they occupy the West and East side of Yei River. Diko Town Village lies on the west of Yei river. Diko Boma was one of the first stations established in 1930 by Church Mission Society (CMS) missionary Dr. Kenneth Fraser.
In 1935, Diko Bush School was opened with it fist posted teacher, the late Episcopal Church of Sudan’s first archbishop of Sudan, Elinana J Ngalamu. Diko Boma has been left undeveloped for many decades, both by the previous leadership in South Sudan and by International Aid agencies working in South Sudan. In 2009, Ugandan Lord’s Resistance Army rebels killed a number of Diko people, and many others were displaced internally.
Today, the community members have all returned to Diko, but with no basic services delivery such as clean water, a medical clinic, or a school. Students who wish to attend school have to walk several hours, making education unattainable for children in Diko.
The Diko Diaspora community in the United States, are appealing to American friends to reach out to the people of Diko with support by sponsoring a local volunteer teacher for the Diko Primary School. Doing so will fulfill one of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals in education and one of the dreams of the late Dr. John Garang to “take the town to the villages.”


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