Board of Advisors

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Dr. Abdel Gabar Adam

Founder, Darfur Human Rights Organization of the USA

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The Honorable Nicola Bol

Federal Judge in South Sudan, and First Cousin to Manute Bol


The Reverend Tad Debordenave

Founder, Anglican Frontier Missions

In 1993, the Reverand Tad DeBordenave founded AFM in Richmond, Virginia. A well-respected leader and pastor…Full Biography

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Ms. Sarah Dupont

Environmentalist and Philanthropist


Ezekiel Gatkuoth

Former Ambassador Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth served as the Head of Mission at the Embassy of the Republic of South Sudan in Washington, DC and the former Sudan People’s…Full Biography


Mrs. Faith McDonnell

Director, Religious Liberty Program, Institute on Religion and Democracy


Dr. Witney Schneidman

President of Schneidman & Associates International, and former Deputy Assistant Secretary for African Affairs for President Clinton.


Curt Smith

Curt Smith is an author, columnist, radio talk host, and Senior Lecturer in English at the University of Rochester. Smith hosts the National Public Radio affiliate series…Full Biography


Jonathan Temin

Director, Sudan Program, United States Institute of Peace

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The Reverend Canon Andrew White

President, Foundation for Relief and Reconciliatioin in the Middle East


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