What We’ve Done

Tom and Youth
The Sudan Sunrise movement began in 2004 when the Southern Sudanese delivered aid to Darfuri refugees. This aid was an extraordinary act of reconciliation, noting that Darfuris had been used by the government of Sudan for decades in a war against the Southerners, which left over 2 million dead and at least 4 million displaced. Through grassroots reconciliation, education, and community building, we lift up examples of peace and forgiveness between former enemies as alternatives to the history of violence in Sudan and South Sudan.


– Sudan Sunrise acts as fiscal partner with non-profit, Sudan Unlimited
– Sudan Sunrise agrees to work with Kush State University in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. KSU has over 1,000 students pursuing higher education and Sudan Sunrise is working to provide better materials and resources to this next generation of leaders
– The plan to construct a well in Wunthou was finalized and built
– $2,000 in aid was able to be hand-delivered to community leaders for those suffering and in need in Diko Boma
– Sudan Sunrise co-sponsored the 2nd Annual Walk to End Genocide in Washington, D.C.
– Sudan Sunrise welcomed its newest board member, Mary LeGrand Paul Asel
– Sudan Sunrise, accompanied by Sudanese Lost Boy Abraham Boll Makur via Skype, presented at River Bend Middle School in Loudoun County, Virginia, regarding the history of Sudan and perils of the Lost Boys community in Sudan
– Construction was able to begin in Wunthou of latrines, food storage buildings and a kitchen
– ESPN releases 12-minute documentary on Manute Bol and his humanitarian vision through Sudan Sunrise
– Video interview with Abraham Boll Makur, Sudanese Lost Boy, at Simpson Middle School in Leesburg, VA
– Sudan Sunrise was able to fund a celebration in Turalei for students who had finished their annual exams, placing first in the county and second in the state
– Sudan Sunrise becomes partner with Kush State University, a university located in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan
– Sudan Sunrise becomes fiscal partner to Sudan Unlimited
– Philip Tutu and Executive Director Tom Prichard present the Kush State University vision at the Fort Scott Rotary Club in Kansas


– Sudan Sunrise partners with Bishop Abraham Nhial to seek funding for his reconciliation initiative in the Kakuma refugee camp.
– Darfur Interfaith Network of D.C. sponsors the first Walk to End Genocide in D.C., with Sudan Sunrise as the recipient of a special grant for a well and the Manute Bol School in Turalei.
– Manute Bol School expands its enrollment by 200 to accept Nuer children displaced by the conflict.
– St. John’s Episcopal Church in Parchment, N.Y. hosts a special showing of “The Good Lie” with star Ger Duany for a benefit which raises over $26,000 for the Manute Bol School.
– Manute Bol Book Project successfully delivers thousands of donated books to Juba for a reading library for primary students.



– Sudan Sunrise funds an initiative of Dr. Jok Madut Jok of the Sudd Institute, crossing ethnic lines to take emergency relief to Nuer people in Juba.
– Sudan Sunrise funds the transportation of donated medicines from a hospital in Kenya arranged by Nyaga Nyuon for IDP’s in Juba.
– Manute Bol School in Turalei provides emergency shelter for Nuer and Dinka women and children fleeing fighting in Unity State
– Thanks to a generous donor, Sudan Sunrise, working with the Obakki Foundation, funds the repair of five non-functioning wells in an area in Lakes State where IDP’s were at risk of cholera from river water.
– May luncheon in NYC honors George Stephanopoulos and Josh Miller for their role in helping secure the release of Rudwan Dawod
– Sudan Sunrise chosen by produces to organize pre-release showing of “The Good Lie” in Washington, D.C.



– With the support of Sudan Sunrise, the Nuba Youth Committe organizes Annual Nuba Day in Iowa. The event draws over 600 Nubans to discuss reconciliation and work toward organizing relief efforts for those suffering bombardments in the Nuba Mountains.
– Sudan Sunrise works with a generous donor to drill a well in Shirikat, South Sudan. The well provides clean water for a local school and community.
– Political/Ethnic violence breaks out in Juba, triggering a civil war in South Sudan.



– Sudan Sunrise partners with Humanity United to facilitate a meeting in Washington, DC of the Jonglei Youth Peace Initiative. This historic meeting gathered representatives from 11 counties and 5 tribes from Jonglei State, South Sudan to discuss a framework for peace for their respective communities.
– Project Director Rudwan Dawod travels to Sudan while working on the Cathedral Reconstruction project. He is imprisoned and tortured for six weeks. An international outcry leads to his release.



– Sudan Sunrise serves as fiscal partner with the Government of South Sudan to finance voter education, registration, poll observers and voter transportation for Southern Sudanese living in the US to participate in the 2011 referendum on secession.
– Sudan Sunrise receives a strategic grant from the Open Society Institute (OSI) to support a delegation led by former Congressman Tom Perriello (D-VA) and Sudan Sunrise Advisory Board members to participate in a dialogue to unify political leaders from Darfur.
– Sudan Sunrise responds to a surge in refugee returnees to Turalei, South Sudan, and completes the construction of an expanded kitchen for the school lunch program at the Manute Bol School.
– Sudan Sunrise partners with the Northern Sudanese groups, Youth Forum for Social Peace and Girifna, to deliver food relief and a message of reconciliation to the people of Turalei, South Sudan.
– Sudan Sunrise partners with NBA Cares to host a reception and silent auction to help fulfill Manute Bol’s dream of supporting education and building schools in South Sudan. Participants include NBA legends Dikembe Mutombo and Gheorge Muresan.



– Sudan Sunrise completes construction of second block of three classrooms, including two sanitary facilities, and the capacity to harvest rainwater at the Manute Bol School in Turalei, South Sudan.
– Sudan Sunrise sponsors Lopez Lomong and students from the Darfur Students Association at the University of Juba, to begin preparations for the Kimotong Reconciliation Church.



– Sudan Sunrise completes soil testing, delivery of compressed earth block press and completes construction of three classrooms for the Manute Bol Primary School in Turalei, South Sudan.
– Sudan Sunrise partners with Pact Sudan to drill water wells and provide clean water for Gor Ayen, South Sudan.
– Sudan Sunrise project Director Daniel Kuot supports returning refugees by supplying fishing nets and assisting with the construction of over 30 new homes in Paloi, South Sudan.
– Sudan Sunrise sponsors three U.S. teachers to travel to Turalei, South Sudan to teach English and basic math skills.



– Manute Bol hosts Sudan Sunrise sponsored “Cry for Peace and Freedom in Sudan” rally at Iowa State House of Representatives.
– Sudan Sunrise delegation travels to South Sudan to film a message of reconciliation with author and former slave Francis Bok and Dr. Abdelgebar Adam, President of Darfur Human Rights Organization of the USA. As a result, a call to reconciliation is delivered on a prominent Southern Sudanese radio station.
– Sudan Sunrise sponsored video entitled “Call to Sudanese Reconciliation” is premiered at South Sudan Women’s Empowerment Network conference in Juba, South Sudan.



– Sudan Sunrise sponsors delegation of “Lost Boys” to South Sudan to meet with Darfurian refugees.
– Sudan Sunrise sponsors Sudanese women’s “Stand for Peace” concert and rally in Sioux Falls, SD.
– Sudan Sunrise sponsors and organizes a reconciliation conference in Kansas City, MO attended by Sudanese leaders representing the regional, ethnic and religious diversity of Sudan. Subsequently, a statement entitled “Call to Sudanese Solidarity” is issued.
– Sudan Sunrise visits Darfuri refugee camps in eastern Chad to research education needs
– Sudan Sunrise officially registers with the Governments of Chad and Sudan.
– Sudan Sunrise travels to Boma Mission Center to support ongoing tribal reconciliation efforts.
– Sudan Sunrise sponsors and organizes “Call to Solidarity/Reconciliation” meeting in Washington, DC attended by over 80 Sudanese leaders.



– Sudan Sunrise co-sponsors “Standing Together Against Genocide” dinner in Washington, DC attended by over 300 supporters.
– Sudan Sunrise sponsors representatives from Sudanese Muslim and Christian communities to participate in “Standing Together” events in Denver, CO and Kansas City, MO, along with reconciliation meetings in Des Moines, IA and Kansas City, MO.
– Sudan Sunrise project Director Daniel Kuot commences construction on the Boma Mission Center in southeast Sudan to serve a community of five ethnic tribes.



– Sudan Sunrise is founded, and registered as a 501c3.
– Sudan Sunrise facilitates a relief trip for Southern Sudanese to travel to Darfuri refugee camps and deliver donations of clothing.
– Sudan Sunrise facilitates a relief trip to deliver 54 pallets of clothing and 25,000 lbs. of powdered milk to Darfuri refugee camps.



– Tom Prichard organizes an exploratory trip to assist the efforts of Southern Sudanese delivering medicine and a message of reconciliation to Darfuri refugee camps.




I believe Sudan Sunrise’s institutional heart is in the right place. By promoting reconciliation and bridge-building between Darfuris and South Sudanese, this small group is preparing the way for marginalized people throughout Sudan to realize their shared aspirations for social justice, security and dignity.

-David Morse


[Manute] Bol will never be able to cut the ribbon at the schools he dreamed of. But we can pick up where he left off. In a world with so much athletic narcissism, let’s celebrate a Most Valuable Humanitarian by building schools through his charity, SudanSunrise.org.

-Nicholas D. Kristof
NY Times